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Still Life (5 Days)
oil on linen
51 x 230cm

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Still Life (5 Days) - A dialogue about beauty and what it is to each of us as individuals has been at the core of my art practice for many years. In the past I have made figurative works from images of people found through various types of media. These people have been unknown to me, this has been my preferred way of working allowing me 'blank canvasses' to work from.

Then came the cluster of natural disasters that have recently happened around the world, from the Australian floods and fires to the Tsunami in Japan. I find it difficult to comprehend the huge numbers of people that have lost their lives and loved ones in these horrific events. This has deeply affected me.

I now find myself wanting to paint only people I know, people that are tangible and present, 'real' to me, each and everyone an individual. Each person was painted over one day in my studio, they all are known to me, they are all artists, they are all very much alive and in no way blank canvasses.

Deidre But-Husaim, August 2011
2012 Doug Moran National Portrait Prize (Finalist) NSW
2011 Portia Geach Memorial Award (Finalist, Highly Commended) NSW

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